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Jason Schuster began his career working as a contractor for the United States Department of Defense in foreign locations. He segued  into the Art Department as a Prop maker for such films as The Rock, Titanic, Desperado and Die Hard With a Vengeance to name a few. The experience he gained on those projects he now counts as a major asset in his ability to quickly translate design into reality. Schuster’s focus as a designer is upholding the character and story of a project; he believes it’s easy to create bright, shiny and slick sets to dazzle the eye, but it takes more skill to design believable sets that support the characters in the story. Working in over a dozen countries, Schuster has created an exact replica of Air Force One; designed sets, props and clothing for animals like vultures and elephants; built an architectural dig above ground in Africa. He lives in Venice California, with his Rhodesian Ridgeback- Jackson.