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I'm Jason Schuster.

I am here to provide you your vision, with bells on! Especially if your vision is difficult. I am also known to do easy* jobs as well. I thrive on problem solving, a bit of chaos, and the power of combinations. Let's collaborate and be proud of our work, and eat well on director scouts!


  • I am an LA native and lived in Venice for 35 years.

  • I have been a working Production Designer for 25 years.

  • My first job in the industry was a prop fabricator at HPR.

  • I can make anything.

  • I My first Production Designer credit was in 1997 for a Dave Meyers joint.

  • I have worked in 17 countries and 27 states. 

  • I constantly think outside of the box to imagine the possible.

  • Production Designing is my medicine, working with quantitive human talent.

  • Diving, surfing, and traveling are my leisure medicines.

  • I am an inventor. I have 4 patents and 3 trademarks for surfboard fins.


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