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Updated: Feb 26

Funnest job in years
Award winning NBA commercial by Traktor.  Pegi Murray of UTA  quickly builds impressive roster. Jason Schuster Production Designer
Christmas day in the NBA/Traktor

the universe gave me my first job with traktor! This was my first job with them, and I now know what is behind the success and longevity of the highly talented directing combinations. Every one of their jobs has a distinct formula. that formula has been cranking out a superior product for over a quarter of a century. I was lucky enough to go along for the ride. When it rains it pours, it was also my first chance to work with translation. It's the agency that reminded me of the early 20o0's. They were out for bold design and awards, check.. let's do this!

When I saw the original concept, my plan was to use the the super vendors of the commercial production industry in la to build and manufacture everything. That would give me the room to do my job and design and manage. When neither jet sets nor Creature Effects were willing to take on the work load, a difficult job became a 5000 piece puzzle being put together during a tornado.

luckily Jetset was able to do some of the scenery pieces. however, We ended up using 11 different vendors to make this job happen. Down to a very talented lady by the name of Rachel burson who fabricated the three horse maverick mascot costume in her own living room. true story.

11 vendors, 276 concept sketches, illustrations and revisions later, we we showed up on set with our amazing fabrications. From paper-mâché masks resembling LeBron James, Steph Curry, Nikola jokic', and anthony davis to full blown team America style puppets of Jayson Tatum flying around with them Milwaukee bucks. the design process was so much work, that I heavily relied on my set decorator Christian Corio to fill in the broad strokes. I could not have done this job without the support of my art Director Claudia Guerra, and my Wonder-boy illustrator Taylor Christiansen. 276 back-and-forth's were a lot. With every drawing comes a conversation.

Sprinkle in hoyte van hoytema to capture it, This is a true case study of cinematic collaboration. from the top down and the bottom up. As Claudia said at wrap, "it reminded me why I got into this business in the first place". indeed it was.

Thank you traktor, we had fun!

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